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User Account Issues

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User Account Issues        [Back to Top]

What is the benefit of a user account?

With a paid user account, you will be granted access to the complete database of Concise Aerospace articles. We have more than 10,000 articles on the web site going back to 1997.

You will also be able to modify account keywords that will enable you to receive Zoom mails at any time through your online account. These emails will alert you to new articles of interest on the site.

You will also receive a monthly roundup of all news articles in a convenient PDF format. This is on average forty articles.

How do I sign up for a user account?

If you complete registration online then you can obtain a full subscription by paying online using your credit card. Alternatively please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss the advantages of a full subscription or discuss alternative payment options.

Will a subscription cost me anything?

Contact us for more information about subscription pricing.

Tell me about a trial subscription.

A trial subscription grants you complete access to the site for a period of at least 24 hours. The actual expiration of the trial access is set to 11:59pm of the date which the access expires upon. This date can be negotiated with our editor, in order to give you a sufficient amount of time to access the site and access some stories which may be of interest to you. To sign up for the trial access, you should contact us.

(Please note that any information you submit to us will remain strictly confidential, and is only used to process your request for trial access. Your privacy is of the utmost concern to us).

Why is there a keyword field on the user account form?

This field allows you to specify topics, keywords or phrases that are of interest to you. When an article is published, its keywords are compared against yours. If part of an article keyword matches one of yours, you are sent an email, letting you know that an article of potential interest has just been published to the live web site. To receive emails, you must also have the Zoom Email checkbox ticked on the user account form. The word Zoom is used to represent this technology. (It is always good policy to check your Zoom terminology with our editor to ensure best results while using your account).

What do I do if I lose my password?

If this happens then please contact us for immediate assistance. We will endeavor to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

How do I login?

On the left-hand navigation bar, there is a login form with two fields: user ID number and password. Enter your ID and password into these fields, and submit the form. If you entered the information correctly, you will then be logged in to the site otherwise you will be asked to resubmit your information.

How do I update my account information?

Once you have logged in, the login form will disappear from the left-hand navigation bar. Above where this appeared on the previous screen you will see an option for "my account". Clicking on this link will take you to an account update page, where you may edit any values for your account. Once you have finished making changes to your account, submit the form.

It is suggested that you change your password frequently, to ensure no one else gains unauthorised access to the site using your credentials.

How do I logout?

Once you have logged in, the login form will disappear from the left-hand navigation bar. In its place will be a button for "Logout". This button will automatically log you out of the system. You will be shown a verification screen once the process has completed.

Site Usage Issues        [Back to Top]

Why can’t I read the entire article?

If you are a pay per view customer then it may be the case that you have insufficient credit to allow you to view the article that you want to see. If this is the case the website will automatically throw up messages which will guide you through the credit top up process and once you have sufficient credit you will be able to access the stories that you want to access. If you are a full subscriber or are using a trial subscription and you haven't yet logged on you will only be able to view article headlines and summaries on various pages and search results screens. Please follow the login procedure and normal service should quickly be resumed.

If you are still unable to gain access in either instance please contact us immediately

What is a Simple Search?

The Simple Search feature (located on the left-hand navigation bar) allows you to specify multiple words or phrases. Each of the words you enter into the field is compared against the headline, summary, body and keyword field of all articles in the database. Any matching records will be displayed on a results screen.

How does an Advanced Search work?

Located immediately below the Simple Search Button, the "Advanced Search" is similar in function to the Simple Search screen but the Advanced Search screen allows you to search against individual fields. Where the Simple Search can be taxing on the server, and therefore quite slow to return results, the Advanced Search form will let you perform highly efficient searches against any number of articles fields in the database. Section, headline, summary, body, publication date - each of these fields is searchable. For your reference, there are several things to consider when searching against these fields:

The last field of the form, labeled "Boolean", will determine how any criteria you submit is used to locate matching records.

What is Zoom and how does it work?

User accounts contain customised keywords of interest. Articles also contain such a field - it is used to hold special words or phrases of interest, words from hot political topics, etc. When an article is published live on the site, its keywords are compared against those set in all user accounts. Any matches made between a user and an article will result in the user being sent an email with a portion of the article content in it. (Paying subscribers will receive the full article, whereas free subscribers will only receive the headline and summary). This technology is known simply as Zoom.